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Hacks make everything easier, but these are so genius, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before!
#2 makes me want to cry... and take lots of showers.
You have NO idea how wrong you have been doing it!

What Facebook is Doing to Your Brains is Kind of Shocking

Do you think Facebook is an innocent distraction? This brain science will make you think again.

Isola La Gaiola is a beautiful Italian island. It's remote, the waters are clear... but it is totally abandoned. For something as naturally gorgeous as La Gaiola to be completely empty, there’d have to be something pretty wrong with it. Right?

As it turns out, no one lives here because it's hiding a dark secret.
Finding something in your food is one of the absolute worst things that can happen. Chances are, you'll never eat there again, lest you remember that cockroach baked into your hamburger.
If you love facts, but don’t have the time to sit around reading encyclopedia volume after encyclopedia volume just so you’ll have something to say that will impress your co-workers at the water cooler, then these one-sentence bits of information are for you.
They say kids are priceless, but they sure do cost a lot. In 2013, the average cost of raising that price less kid to the age of 18 was $245,340. This is what you could get instead.
On August 5th, exactly 100 years after the Britain became involved in World War 1, this London tower unveiled “Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red.” 888, 246 red poppies create the sea of blood to represent every fallen British soldier.
We present you: Life hacks for your brain! Know when you're being annoying, get people to be nicer to you, make that first date absolutely perfect.
Trina Merry is no ordinary artist. Her canvass is the human body. In her latest series, she's painstakingly painted several semi-nude models to blend in with iconic sections of New York City. The landmarks include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum, and the lower Manhattan skyline.

It's not an easy task to get her models ready to be photographed. Merry must contend with the weather, a city in constant motion, gawking passers-by, and the police. Despite the law in New York City firmly be on the side of artists when it comes to public nudity. The result though it worth all the troubles. Just take a look.
Torture has been a severe reality for some heartbreaking individuals. Anyway the most unsettling actuality about Torture's fierceness isn't its presence, however the way individuals have infused a debased feeling of innovativeness (and even delight) into the production of gadgets intended to dispense torment. To demonstrate our point here are the 25 most merciless Torture strategies ever conceived.
For those of you unaware of details from the Philadelphia Experiment; the brilliant minds involved; the aliens involved; a WW2 Project funded by the Navy yet a private project of Nikola Tesla, strap on your space-belts…you won’t believe the sensory explosion! Following transcripts tell a phenomenal story THROUGH TIME that is thoroughly documented and hardly known. Participants are allowed to talk because, ‘who would believe it?’
Prepare to get your mind blown!
How to know if you (or your genitals) are infested.

What If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?!?

The world is a scary place right now, so what happens to the planet if all the humans died instantly? Here's what...

Admit it, you want pizza already. Well here are some facts about pizza you probably never knew.
Fact #1 Now you have an excuse to look at pizza.
You won't believe this
Read this before you decide to eat fast food today.
You might be relieved to know which of these are true and which aren't.
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